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Meet The Faces Behind Nixie Photo Booth Co.!


Rick A.


Ellie M.

Established in 2023, Nixie Photo Booth Co. was started after many conversations over Rick and Ellie's Sunday coffee dates. They were inspired to start a side business that not only complemented their individual strengths but also added a touch of fun and festivity to events.

Rick is a tech guy. He ensures we stay ahead of the curve, providing our clients with the latest in photo booth technology. Whether it's our modern equipment, the best backdrops, superior lighting, or high-quality props, Rick's pursuit of excellence is evident in every detail.

Ellie's the people person. She manages customer relations, bookings, and ensures the seamless execution of every event. With Ellie on board, every interaction is personal, every request is met with a smile, and every event is a success.

At Nixie Photo Booth Co., our mission is simple: We aim to enhance your events by delivering the best, modern, and highest quality photo booth rental experience. Serving Riverside and the surrounding areas, we promise more than just a service. We deliver an experience and a memorable one at that.

Our core values of accountability, results orientation, and commitment to quality drive us to offer you nothing but the best. We believe in investing in top-tier equipment, providing exceptional user experiences, and designing customized graphics to make your event truly unique.

With us, every event becomes a celebration, every moment becomes a memory. Welcome to Nixie Photo Booth Co. - let's create some memories together.

You Live In The Moment

We Make It Last


"They helped me out so much with finding the right package to the perfect backdrop. Ellie and Rick are super nice and the set up was perfect!"

Thammy Banaag

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